Quality Policy

Sofgen Computer Consultants (P) Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our Quality Policy is to enhance customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, operational excellence and the timely delivery of quality products and services.

In support of this policy, Sofgen will ensure that all its employees are aware of their personal responsibilities in delivering quality, fit for purpose products and solutions for all their internal and external customers and to seek to improve process, products and performance on a continual basis

At Sofgen we don’t stop with offering solutions to our clients: instead, our support services are geared to help them out beyond the implementation stage. Sofgen understands the mission-critical nature of your IT investments and we are dedicated in providing best solutions & products to our customers & commitment that has been maintained from the start.

Our objective is to deliver the highest possible quality projects and solutions that meet or exceed our customer expectations. Quality, to us, is not a mere business pulling strategy but a standard to be practiced by everyone in the organizational hierarchy.

  • Improving product and service quality
  • Continually maintaining and improving the effectiveness of our products and services through review and customer feedback
  • Improving cost effectiveness and efficiency
  • Constantly striving to develop products and services that meet or exceed the customer’s and/or organizational requirements of our customers
  • Ensure that the recruitment policy for the company remains, as it always has been, ‘the best person for the job’. Hiring the best people in the industry, training those people and focusing them on delivering excellence.
  • Effectively communicating objectives to customers, suppliers and our employees
  • Developing a positive attitude to achieving excellent performance and to satisfying both internal and external customers
  • Maintaining systems for continuous improvement, sharing good practice and learning from experience within and external to the group
  • Having suitable arrangements for document retention and records management
  • Aligning ourselves with the most competent base of suppliers available

We believe in giving our more than what is actually expected by our clients’ .Sofgen Support Services ensures that you are always getting the best from our product .From providing adequate training to supporting you with exemplary customer service, we ensure that you realize the full potential of the product that you have invested in.

(If any kind of issues regarding Quality you can Wright us on ‘quality@sofgen.co.in’)

Improvement and learning are regular part of Sofgen’s daily work so that each employee seeks to eliminate problems at the source and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Quality is judged by the customer. The quality process must lead to services that contribute value and lead to customer delight.

We strive for conformance of Products & Services to standards and Deliverables are made as per scheduled development plan.

Sofgen’s quality process shall lead to products and services that contribute value, aim at zero defect and lead to customer delight.